Wednesday, 18 September 2019

what can be a standards which follows by hosts?

If I would like to go for shopping host isp for the site then what can be standards which they follows?
for a standard host it has to follow some regulations which can be:
standard pipelining
number of customers
disk space etc.
For a standard pipelining the host computer is connected to the Internet backbone typically through T1 and T3 lines. A T1 can carry up to 1.5 mbs , while a T3 can carry 45 mbs. Small ISP hosts sometimes have ISDN connections to the Internet. Look for T3 can, though a T1 isn't close to its maximum capacity.
The rate of installing an enough pipeline to the Internet is the prior barrier to setting up our own Web server computer in our office, telephone and other charges are pretty stiff, rather they can be shared with other businesses
Another view is that how much customer of that hosting company is sharing that same server or hosting server because it's affect the speed of the process.So this is very important to find this number.
Disk space is also matters because ISPs usually assign a certain amount of space on computer. 5 MB is plenty of space for the Web pages and graphics for most business Web sites. A jammed nearly 800 files and graphics into 5 MB. But if mail, log files, and system programs are counted in the 5 MB, these can sometimes take up considerable space.
Cgi bin is a another standard for a host because business accounts need to be able to reference programs in a cgi-bin directory, which includes a cgi program which creates the e-mail message sent out by Web page forms. So long as a good forms to email program is available in the host's main cgi-bin,that may be all we need.
Virtual hosting which means this allows us to have ourr own domain name such as rather than use our ISP's domain name with a subdirectory designating our site, such as So we definitely want virtual hosting.
Another thing is that if they are providing us more than one mail address than it will be better because once we have a virtual domain, we can ask our ISP how many e-mail addresses we are allowed. Many ISPs allow you to set up multiple "aliases" such as or
We should be free because if first nhost is not providing us a proper service then we should have rights to choose another one because it can make us in aproper way.

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