Wednesday, 18 September 2019

what are hosts?

Many of us browse the World Wide Web regularly and like many of others have done already, then web hosting is one term which can satiate your need.So question is this what are these hosts?
Internet is one word which can cater to all kind of genre as per their taste. And, by web hosting one can own a portion of the web. But, web hosting is not just getting a portion of the web it is a way to re polishing the business.
World Wide Web or the www written before every web address is the web of computers connected through a HTTP protocol. This network connects millions of computers all over the world through this single protocol. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a language through which the documents are transferred.Which is main way to connect thing globally.
HTTP is a network of networks, where computers communicate with protocols other than HTTP. Web page is what we see on our Internet browser. These web pages have to come from a certain host and this is the area which talks about web hosting.
Web pages are our source of information, whatever we see in our web pages has come from a web browser. All these web pages are stored in computers called web server.
de own websites accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosting gives the freedom of having our website services but it's restricted because of the space.
One importance to have proper hardware and software to host web pages. Specific companies provide web hosting capabilities on their web servers. Moreover, one needs to register a domain name that identifies the website. Web hosts can also provide data centre space and connectivity to the internet.Now we can consider the type of hostings-
Free Web Hosting: it is done by large website companies, which provide limited space for free. This kind of hosting is limited when compared to paid hosting.
# Shared Web Hosting: This is the most economical hosting service where many people share the total cost of maintenance services.It is very much effective in cost.
# Reseller Web Hosting: This service allows the client to host websites. This requires an affiliation with the provider.
Some kind of hostings are:
# Virtual Dedicated Server: This is dividing a server into virtual servers. Every user thinks he got a dedicated server but in reality they all share a particular server.
# Dedicated Hosting: In this, the user gets his web server and has full control over the server.
More kind of hostings:
* Collocation Web Hosting: This is similar to dedicated hosting but in Collocation, the hosting company provides physical space. This is the most powerful and costly web hosting service.

Clustered Hosting

In this service, multiple servers host the same content for resource utilization.
Cluster hosting becomes quite the rage in the hosting Reseller, several hosting companies are now offering cluster hosting for resellers with a lot of advantages.
Cluster hosting has a lot of advantages over normal hosting in terms of increased uptime and scalability depending on the setup. If one server or appliance is down it can simply switch over to a backup and your users will not even notice.

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