Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Is windows is better than linux hosting?

Even if we run a version of Windows on our personal computer, does not mean we need to host our web site on Windows platform.does it require windows hosting or other kind of operating hosting?
The operating system we use to create our site has no effect on the web hosting platform we choose to host our site. Even we can host a website created using Microsoft Frontpage on a linux server as frontpage extensions are supported by linux.
The Linux platform is widely named as highly reliable, and a more popular choice among professional and advanced users. Linux has a good track record of performance, stability and security.
It has been in a state of constant filtering since its inception , and is based on open standards, allowing easy access to operating system features and applications.At the same time vary much secure.
Linux is by default, text-based and does not use a graphical user interface (GUI), which matters alot because it can dedicate the full power of the server to our web site.
The main advantages of the linux is the:
# Most web creation tutorials and documentation refer to this platform
# Extremely stable, reliable, functional, and dynamic
# Easy to upgrade and enhanceable
# Access to freeware
Some more benefits of the linux is:
# Scripting languages such as Perl and PHP
# Supports mySQL, postgre databases
# Supports MS FrontPage extensions
# Most economical solution
Windows is the operating system of choice because many new users with a reputation for ease of use and administration. Windows allows those with little or no experience in the fields of web development and hosting to get advanced features working quickly.This has a very much user friendly enviorment.
At the same time Windows supports tools and software such as Microsoft's FrontPage, Active Server Pages, Visual Interdev, Access Database, MS SQL 2000, VBScript and MS Internet Studio.
We can create a powerful customized site which includes dynamic content and database integration. The Windows environment also offers dynamically and a user friendly graphical user interface.Which is so much important as the user's view.

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