Wednesday, 18 September 2019

dedicated server host or reseller host

Dedicated server or reseller account? That is the question. Most people who are ready to start a web hosting business very much concerned about this question?
There are however different benefits for each type.
We should choose a reseller account if we are a new business owner who does not know how to manage a dedicated server.
Managing a dedicated server can be time consuming if we are not proficient at server management. With a reseller account a team of experts manages the server that our web sites are hosted on.
A reseller account is also a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. Usually a reseller account is a good place to initiate because we can upgrade to a dedicated server at any time.
Another benefit of a reseller hosting account is that we have no software or hardware maintenance costs. In house managed solutions require the purchase of hardware , maintenance contracts, and software.
Using Private Label Virtual Servers, we don't have to purchase hardware or software, regardless of the number of customers we have.
We buy wholesale and sell retail, thereby sureing our monthly profit margin. No unpredictable costs like professional fees or hardware costs.
When our business gets successful, there won't be any additional data center, network, hardware, or software costs.
A virtual private server can run its own full fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. This usually gives us root-level access to the hosting companies machine.
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