Wednesday, 18 September 2019

basis of website hosting

Websites are very important for any business purposes. Web development and web hosting are related to each other. Hosting is a place where anyone can put his website and all his friends or business partners can see it or anyone can get knowledge from the outside. Different kinds of website hosting:
  1. Shared or virtual hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting
  3. VDS/VPS

There are five tips for website hosting:

  1. Own your company domain: The domain ownership must not be confused with the website itself. Owning the web domain enables users to pint domain where website is being hosted. Website registering is a very simple process. If user can register the domain by himself means he can keep track of dates renewal and manage the process. If a web developer gives offer to register the domain on his responsibility then user has to ensure that domain is registered to his company name and whole ownership rights are transferred to his business.
  2. Purchase an SSL certificate to your website: SSL certificates are small data files providing a secure connection to user’s site. These are necessary if anyone would sell goods by online. SSL certificates helps in providing data protection which are shared with the site like login details or credit card details. Google has announced last year to give rankings to those websites who are carrying SSL certificate.
  3. Understand where your site will be hosted: Many options are available for website hosting are hosted on own servers. This option is very costly for most SMEs and depends upon an investment in hardware and bandwidth hosted through shared cloud servers. This is an option of entry level and most effective of getting company online. While choosing this option user will be sharing his bandwidth with other companies and if other website shared on the server is compromised it may influence upon user’s website. Similarly if another website shared o the server is receiving a huge traffic then it will effect on the performance of website.
    A dedicated cloud server is providing the benefits of a physical server as well as flexibility of a cloud-based server. A bandwidth is offered which help to minimize the risks of user’s website.
  1. Have separate server hosting for email: If user has a company or business email address linked on his website, using a separate hosting service for email. This ensures that user’s email and website are not depend on the same server, so if website will go down then still email will be up and enable company to send and receive mails.
  2. Back-up your data: Some web developers are offering data backup so that website and data will be safe. If any developer is not providing data backup services then speak to hosting companies so that they can provide this service.

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