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Web Hosting Review ioxhost

Ioxhost established in 2009, have been providing reliable and low cost web hosting solution to customers around the world. They strive to offer most customers friendly and the best hosting solution out there. All members of staff have multiple years of experience within the hosting industry and are always learning new ways to serve customers needs and expectations.
Back in 2009 finding a low cost web host with supreme support was hard to come by. That`s when IoxHost was founded. Main goals were to provide a reliable hosting solutions, fast knowledgeable support whilst remaining at a competitively low price. IoxHost caters to individuals and small/medium businesses. With a wide range of services available to choose from to suit customer needs. With the majority of support tickets answered within 20 minutes, you can be rest assured your issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently. All of reseller and shared plans come with a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee
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Datacentre is additionally connected to the iomart Group, UK-wide network through dedicated dark fibre chains providing the hosting floors with access to over 80GBit/s of premium connectivity to the internet. The configuration of the network allows for a simple upgrade path to add to this capacity as and when clients demand it. The network has multiple, dedicated 10GBit/s port connections with external connectivity providers including TATA Communications, Tiscali, Telecom Italia, Interoute and the London Internet Exchange (LINX) providing, at current levels, over 60 GBit/s of external connectivity in addition to over 200 peering points.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Dedicated is better than shared.

Hosting our websites on our own dedicated server may seem a little expensive in comparison to shared web hosting, but the end result is more advantageous. So is dedicated is better than a shared server?
If we concerned about the shared hosting this is very much beneficial than dedicated in contrast to if we have a lot of business modes but if we have a single business then this is more efficient.
Shared web hosting is well managed, but cannot be 100% reliable and stable. However, if we have our own dedicated server we can manage to avoid most of the variables affecting the reliability and stability of a server.
The dedicated server is totally is the user concentric means it is based on user control means if the user needs they can install software as well as regarding tools to his need or for software support.
By the very nature of the account, a dedicated server: reduces our dependency on the web host, and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. With dedicated server hosting, we can provide instant support to our own clients whenever required, which is not possible if we are on a shared server.
A reliable and fast support service is best for our own business growth just like the stability and reliability we wish for our own website. In business, reliability is very much important.
For people with clients, such as Graphic Designers and Web Designers a dedicated server is not a good deal. A dedicated server will catch extra income into the studio, not just as a hosting facility.
If we have 24hour access to our own dedicated server then we can adjust, correct or update a clients website in minutes, allowing us to keep the money back in our studio and not for someone else.
The availability results in reduced labor costs for the client, but higher studio-income frequency for the designer. Hence we will see the return of all our regular offline clients, bringing their web work with them.
The requirement for a dedicated server to our average shared server user is realized. Now quickly people left our site because it was taking too much time to download, or how many daily visitors we are down by, because our site was not up.
The true thing is the worry of how many lost visitors could have been our future paying customers. The loss could be easily equal to the value of the upgrade to a Dedicated Server.
For a business, a website that is quickly downloadable and up all the time gives the visitor boost up that our service is just as reliable, hence we will be more likely to make a sale. It will also enhance the company’s image and boost existing customers to refer our service to others.

Reducing the hosting cost

Choosing the right host is an important aspect in lowering our web hosting costs. So this is important that how can we reduce the hosting cost?
The web hosting industry, boasting several thousand web hosts, is still young and growing at a remarkable pace, hence finding the right host is not only difficult, but very much time consuming,fortunately though it is worth the time and effort.
How much web space our web site needs and compensating for a bit extra, for growth. For example, if our web site needs 200 MB of disk space, look for the plan which offers at least 250 to 300 MB of web space, this will prevent a large unexpected bill at the end of the month when high priced costs, charged by most web hosts for extra disk space usage, are added on to our bill.
How much bandwidth our web site uses. We should be ensure we get more bandwidth than our site uses. For example, if our website uses 8GB bandwidth per month, then choose a plan, which offers at least 8 or 10GB bandwidth per month.
So preventing the cost for reaching high,or to higher extra costs. As a reference, an average web site should pay no more than some dollars per GB for bandwidth usage.
Very much concerned if host have “block buying” facilities for purchasing projected extra disk space or bandwidth. But, careful, if our web site needs only 2 GB extra bandwidth, we may have to buy an extra package in blocks of 5GB bandwidth, in this case, look for the host which will allow us to purchase extra disk space and bandwidth allowance as per our needs, this is crucial to cost savings.
We should be ensure that we know the over-usage allowance rules, we need to know what happens if our web site uses more disk space or bandwidth than we have been allocated.
If we have more than one web site, sign up an account with a web host who provides multiple domains hosted on one account, this will work out a lot cheaper than an account per website.
A good thing would be to ask our friends and colleagues if they want to host their websites with us on one account.
We should be ensure that all the applications our web site uses , are supported within the chosen account type. If there are any extra fees for particular applications or associated database support.
Emails are the lifeblood of our online business. Ensure that we get a sufficient number of email addresses with our own domain name these are necessary for other email features like forwarders, and auto responders, etc.
Many web hosts offer large discounts on yearly or half yearly payments in advance, this may appear a good way to go, but note how long we are locked in. If possible avoid long term contracts until we are sure about the services and reliability offered by that particular host.
Paying to host on a monthly basis obviously has its benefits. If there are concerns with our service encouraging we to seek a new host elsewhere, we may lose out on many months of hosting fees when breaking a yearly or half yearly contract.

managed hosting

A new trend, appearing in the Web Hosting industry, is the concept of Managed Web Hosting. Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be difficult to operate technically, there has been a demand for web hosts to provide extra services like: reporting and monitoring, managed load balancing.So how can we go for managed hosting?
Before go for a managed server this is important to think about some views:
we will first need to decide whether or not we need a dedicated server. we will need a dedicated server if we have a high traffic web site.
If we only have a small web site with low traffic levels then a shared hosting arrangement should be fine.Then there is no need to go for managed hosting.
A dedicated server is more expensive to rent and more difficult to operate than a shared hosting solution but if our business depends on a steady service then we should surely consider renting a dedicated server.
The only disadvantage with dedicated web hosting is that we will have to do a lot of the server administration ourself, and to do this we will need to possess some technical skills
The demand for managed hosting. If we choose this category of needing a dedicated server but we need our host to provide system administration services such as security, firewalls, monitoring and reporting services, and data backup then most likely we will need managed hosting.
Many web hosts who once provided only shared and dedicated web hosting are now beginning to offer managed services also. A good place to start looking for managed hosting is through web hosting directories and search engines, by doing a search for managed hosting we should receive a good list of managed hosting providers.
A another key place to start searching for hosting is by contacting hosts who are offering dedicated hosting and ask them if they can provide a managed hosting arrangement as well.
Companies providing managed hosting will either offer managed hosting per item or in a pre-configured plan. Per-item managed hosting gives us the freedom to pick and choose what services we need or do not need, on the other hand, a pre-configured plan will include the dedicated server and the managed hosting services at a monthly fee.
When choosing a managed hosting provider it is a good idea that our host provides the following qualities:
a good way to find out the response rate and the quality of the services offered by a web host is to send them an email before we sign up with them. If we receive a good response from our web host then this should give us a good indication of the services they are offering.
Its important to have as much freedom as possible and having the ability to choose from a broad range of services is essential. With managed hosting we might decide that we don’t require firewall support, its important that our web host will provide us with the option of selecting exactly what we need and what we don’t need.
The ability to pay monthly is a huge advantage. It will be less of on our budget and we can avoid any expensive yearly contracts.
We should find out exactly what sort of connection the web host has to the Internet. By asking the web host we should be able to send us their network and connectivity details, we might even be able to find this out on their web site.
When searching for a managed hosting provider it is important to do our research. Each web host will be offering different managed hosting services all at different rates, we might find that one web host may offer one attractive managed hosting service while another doesn’t.
Managed hosting is ideal for the new online businesses person, looking to build a large online business, and wanting to avoid the extra time and resources spent in house on managing their dedicated servers.

Is windows is better than linux hosting?

Even if we run a version of Windows on our personal computer, does not mean we need to host our web site on Windows platform.does it require windows hosting or other kind of operating hosting?
The operating system we use to create our site has no effect on the web hosting platform we choose to host our site. Even we can host a website created using Microsoft Frontpage on a linux server as frontpage extensions are supported by linux.
The Linux platform is widely named as highly reliable, and a more popular choice among professional and advanced users. Linux has a good track record of performance, stability and security.
It has been in a state of constant filtering since its inception , and is based on open standards, allowing easy access to operating system features and applications.At the same time vary much secure.
Linux is by default, text-based and does not use a graphical user interface (GUI), which matters alot because it can dedicate the full power of the server to our web site.
The main advantages of the linux is the:
# Most web creation tutorials and documentation refer to this platform
# Extremely stable, reliable, functional, and dynamic
# Easy to upgrade and enhanceable
# Access to freeware
Some more benefits of the linux is:
# Scripting languages such as Perl and PHP
# Supports mySQL, postgre databases
# Supports MS FrontPage extensions
# Most economical solution
Windows is the operating system of choice because many new users with a reputation for ease of use and administration. Windows allows those with little or no experience in the fields of web development and hosting to get advanced features working quickly.This has a very much user friendly enviorment.
At the same time Windows supports tools and software such as Microsoft's FrontPage, Active Server Pages, Visual Interdev, Access Database, MS SQL 2000, VBScript and MS Internet Studio.
We can create a powerful customized site which includes dynamic content and database integration. The Windows environment also offers dynamically and a user friendly graphical user interface.Which is so much important as the user's view.

effectiveness of host directory

I am looking for a proper host and I hope the directories of the hosts can be better for me .
web hosting directories are a web hosting marketplace where all hosts list their products, plans, prices and other important information so that according to their requirements, customers can choose a suitable plan.
Basically web-hosting directories are of two types: paid WHDs and free WHDs. For paid directories, either web hosts pay a set amount for placing their banners on the site, or they pay commission if they get customers via that medium.
Free WHDs like Ask Web Hosting - Web Hosting Directory and Website Hosting - Personal or Business Web Hosting - Host Byte Marketplace etc. web hosts list their services without paying any fees.
The paid WHDs are very easy to manipulate as the ranking of web hosts can be changed in unfair ways.
The WHDs that are actually free reflect the true ranking of web hosts companies. Whatever the case may be, paid or free, people should believe the web hosts rankings only if they are based completely on votes of customers who have actually given their remarks and have left their website address as well.
This is not possible for any web hosting company to have complete positive reviews. It is also observed that at times customers who are satisfied with their web host forget to express their opinion about that host.
A biased customer who is not satisfied with their web host does not forget to mention their opinion of that web host. This applies that a negative review doesn't always reflect the true story of a web host company.
web hosting directories are very useful if the newbie wants to compare prices and features of different companies. But, when it comes to choosing a web host they should make an intelligent choice by referring to other resource sites as well.

hosting self's site

If I disgusted or disappointed with my current web host? Have I switched web hosting companies too many times? Now I decided to host my site my self,can I go for it?
You can be ready to host your own sites. This way of hosting is better than be reliable for any body for the self's site as well as for better business.
When being our own web host we should be technically inclined and have basic knowledge of operating systems, understand technical terms, understanding how to setup a server environment have basic knowledge of scripting languages and databases.
We should realize the pros & cons. It is one thing to remember that if we want to host our own web server and it is another thing to actually do it.
Mainly this process of hosting site is consist of following steps:
Own sense of responsibility
Awareness level raised
No monthly hosting fees/accounts
Incompetence no longer exist
More pros are:
Non-shared environment
Unlimited websites, databases, content, storage, etc.
More bandwidth
No more waiting on someone else time
Complete control
At the same time if we consider the cons then it can be:
Exhausting at times
Faced with server/hardware problems
ISP business account
More about these cons are
If server goes down then the website is offline
No technical support team
Software, hardware, and network expenses
Apart of these pros & cons there is also lot of pros & cons but these are much better. Managing a web server starts as a full time job,we must constantly monitor its performance and security.
This can be a hard task, especially if we currently have other responsibilities. Though, the control we will have over our website and its performance is rewarding enough.

Backend hosting business

For setup, a hosting business from a behind the scenes look at what we need to consider before jumping ship such as billing, support, accounting and more?
The trick of the business that make things run behind the scenes. When we consider a backend as it pertains to web hosting,we can consider the many things in this.
The main story behind the backend is the-
Billing system
-Order processing
-Support system
-Accounting and recordkeeping etc.
As we contemplate our billing system, the first piece of information we should look at is what types of payments are we going to accept. We’ve already outlined this in our business plan.
Will we take Paypal, or will we accept credit cards through our own merchant account, or will we accept checks and money orders by mail?
Accepting payments by mail significantly complicates for our business, so We generally go for not accepting payments by mail, or if we do—only accept annual term payments.
This is a huge timesaver, by automating the billing process we can eliminate the need to bill our customers at all.
If we do wish to send our customers a formal bill, or if we aren’t using automatically recurring payments, there are several software programs that can help automate the process for us.
The ones specifically designed for web hosting that would be suggested are WHMautopilot, Lpanel. Their dozens of other billing programs available, but this is suggested those ones because they also have auto-setup scripts.
A backend can basically be broken down into two options: manual processing, or automated processing. Manual processing is like much self-explanatory.

colocation hosting

Colocating the server gives me the greatest flexibility. I get to choose the hardware configuration of the server and the software that goes on it. But what is this colocation hosting?
The hosting company maintains the connection to the Internet and deals with environmental details such as uninterruptible power supplies, fire controls, and air conditioning.
Companies that offer colocation they're moving away from this service and encouraging their customers to rent a dedicated server. This means renting an entire server from the hosting service, but having the hosting company service and maintain it.
When we opt for dedicated server colocation with the hosting company, we pay for the physical space that our server takes up. Colocation hosting usually requires a higher startup cost than renting a server from a hosting company, according to figures from Digital Nation.
We'll have to purchase a switch or a router, which will cost between $1500 and $2000 at the low end. This would result in an initial outlay of at least more money and it doesn't include the costs of staff time for setup and configuration.
Not all colocation service providers require the same capital outlay, however. Concentric Networks' colocation plan includes connecting to a monitored network, fire suppression, redundant power.
Most companies that offer server colocation service also sell service contracts to maintain the server and its connections. These service contracts will guarantee a certain percentage of uptime per month.
In this way, this colocation is very much expensive than our normal way of the hosting because we have to use a server in this kind of the service.

worthiness of hosting articles

The single largest expense facing hosting companies today is its supports costs. They will see close to 50 percent of their monthly expense go to customer this thing is that is this worth of making hosting articles?
The making of articles is very much important.
Costs are driven up by customer inquiries that often deal with routine and seemingly simple tasks.
In an effort to assist hosting companies in reducing overall customer support costs, pioneered the ultimate customer support and help desk aide the online hosting tutorial.
Flash tutorials, when properly produced, keep the viewer’s attention throughout. Of course, it is also essential to design the tutorials in a concise format. The key is to keep them short, dynamic, informative and easy to follow.
Each Demo tutorial covers one specific task. When our customers want to know how to perform a task, they simply click to play, sit back and actually see how it’s done. Which is a very simple way of executing the task.
Generally, web hosts will place tutorials in their Help Desk or Customer Service areas. One particularly effective method is to include links to the tutorials in the Welcome Email sent out to new customers.
Many web hosts report very fastly drop in support tickets by as much as possible. When we consider that support generally accounts for approximately half of a typical web host’s monthly expenses, that’s a lot of savings.
With a visual aid such as an online tutorial, end users can open a browser window and view the tutorial while performing the tasks in a different window.
With a Demo tutorial, the user can stop, pause, rewind and start at any time. This allows full control, allowing the customer to set the pace in the lesson. Make everything very easy.
The reality is that customers don’t want to read long boring FAQs to learn how to perform a task. If they can’t read it out, they are more than likely going to e-mail or call, driving our overall then support costs higher.
Demo tutorials enable hosting companies to provide their clients with an alternative source of information that is important, informative and easy to follow.
The articles are so effective that sending in a support ticket becomes entirely unnecessary – exactly what hosting providers are expecting for.
Flash tutorials are a very cost-effective way for a web host to significantly reduce support cost and show customers how to get the job done without having to submit a ticket.

ASP web hosting

ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP developed by Microsoft.But how can these hosting accomplish?
A dynamic data-driven web site we may wish to embed ASP code into our web site’s HTML Pages. When a user is watching a web site that is developed using ASP, the pages can change depending on the way of the user.
ASP code allows us to link our web pages to a database, where users can interact with the web page by logging in and using their own personal settings or they can interactively place orders on our web site.
ASP stands for Active Server Pages. Active Server Pages are HTML pages with embedded ASP scripts that are processed on the server before the page is sent to the user.
ASP allows us to create dynamic database driven pages, a user can access data in a database, and interact with page objects such as Active X or Java components.
When we type a URL in the Address Box or click on a web page we are looking the web server to send a file to our computer,if the file is standard HTML, then, when our web browser receives the web page it will look exactly the same as it did on the web server.
if an ASP file is sent to our computer from the web server, firstly, the server will run the HTML code,and then, run the ASP code.

choosing a proper hosting

Web hosting is a difficult and confusing business to get ourself into, but sooner or later just about everybody thinks about starting a Web site for themselves. how can I choose proper one hosting?
Choosing a proper host is the way through which we can achieve our business goals in a very easy manner.
if we are starting up a Web site for our baseball team or for our own corporate business, the thingswe need to look for to succeed are them same for all.
Before selecting a company this is very important that depending on the company,that our support could be anything from great to horrible. Get a good experienced for how quickly we can get to our by sending them a few pre-sales questions.
How in depth are the company with the answers they give us? A good support team will give us enough information so that we know what the answer is and give it to us.
Most Web hosting companies will get us answered within twenty-four hours. If we have to wait longer than that, then it is time to worry.Then we should think about company.
Receiving a broad load of services, promises are not a rare thing in the world of Web hosting. Often we will receive several pre-installed scripts, control panels, and other things that could be helpful to our Web hosting service.
enough bandwidth then we might loose our Web site till the limits are reset the upcoming month.
We also need to make sure we have enough space. If we don't have enough space, then we will not have the option of expanding our Web site or growing it any larger.
It is good to buy a little more than we think we might need in both areas, just to stay on the safe side.
Depending on the Web hosting plan or the Web hosting company the server that our hosted on might be a little more packed than we might think. A responsible Web hosting company will not overstuff the servers they own or collocate.
Most of the time, sharing a server with several different companies is not a bad thing though. However, we do need to ask our Web hosting company about the numbers.
If we are shopping around for Web hosting, we need to ask each company about the client per server ratio. Go with the company that fits our other needs, and has the least amount of clients per Web hosting server.
What type of operating system is our Web hosting company using? Depending if they are using a Linux or Windows based server,we could or could not be able to install some scripts. Not all scripts have versions for both server types. This is a good idea what type of scripts we might need for the server we are on.

Reseller hosting the truth behind name

We've ever toyed with methods of earning profits over the Internet, we've probably know of the concept reseller web hosting.So what is this reseller hosting?
Reselling web hosting can be learned and mastered to make us a premium profit.
There are many places online where we can find web hosting reseller plans. Some of these will go into great detail about the plan, while others will assume that the buyer knows about the plan and will simply offer the service.
It may be necessary in the beginning to have a simple explanation of reseller web hosting means.
The person who resells web host accounts can make their own brand name, offer discount pricing, better features and content, dependent upon what they choose to offer.
At the beginning of reseller trend, it was usually web developers and system integrators that started reseller web hosting. But now, anyone who has good people skills and can provide excellent customer service can do this particular job.
If we're looking for a work that features few start up costs and many benefits, we should consider becoming a reseller of web hosting. A lot of providers help us out by providing us with topnotch business plans.
We'll accept the fact that we don't need to have a ton of technical skills to be successful, and reseller hosting offers much more flexibility than more traditional jobs.
The hosting service we use for our own website usually takes care of the necessary customer service. What we need to worry about is sending and receiving administrative emails, assisting with simple HTML issues that arise on-site.
Another necessary skill is the knowledge and ability to maintain other part of our site if we offer any services that come directly from us and not our web host provider.
Find a web host provider that we trust and will help us in the areas that we need support. Customer satisfaction will help our business grow. If our host company is competent and reliable, our customers will feel that way about us too.
By this way we can choose a appropriate host that can be better for us means a proper reseller host.

The business companies pays very much to hosting companies

However, the host in question would do well to give our business the best flexibility. Money and customer satisfaction is the real reason why a host is compelled to give excellent service.So why a business companies pays to hosting companies?
The Web Host wants that their clients to be more than satisfied with their services. For example, Web Host A has lower prices and their packages are excellent.
However, their uptime is less than 99.9 percent. Customer Service takes too long to answer our questions. The Customer Service Report sounds like they are board or indifferent.
Hosting company don’t even think to direct us to a more knowledgeable person It is one thing to be a new Customer Service Representative that knows very little it’s another to be a seasoned Representative that knows nothing.
Online chat is offline most of the time and our email server is down. Meanwhile, we have customers waiting for the orders and employees to compensate.
Web Host on the other hand, has higher prices. Their packages are excellent. Why? As soon as we sign up our account is instantly activated. This is so that we can get right down to business.
Time is money and we have no time to call to confirm our account nor do we have time to wait for our account activation. Web Host’s uptime is 99.9 percent and they are easy to contact.
Easy to contact in that our email doesn’t bounce back and online chat is online 90 percent of the time and leave room for other customers. Which host would we choose for our business?
If we choose Web Host A, we will have the aggravation of poor customer service. Our servers would be down most of the time. We loose our customer base because we are too busy trying to maintain our website and run our business.
About our email server? How are we able to follow up with our clients without email? It is easier to send an email than to leave a message with the client wouldn’t we agree?
How would we know if a Web Host has excellent Uptime? then we can ask our business partners or associates. They would know first hand if the web host’s servers are at top performance.
Why would we as our Partners or Associates? Well, they would give us their honest opinions as to the inner workings of that particular web host. We can confer with them about price, Uptime, packages and other services the host may offer.
At last we learned that Server Uptime is very important. Why? we want our website to be as self-sufficient as possible. Also, we do not want our clients or potential clients to ask us why the site always down. That in effect is bad for business.

Cheap SSL Providers

The things to think about before going in for Cheap SSL Providers

An SSL Server is nothing but a tool that allows encrypted communication with some secure servers. You can understand this better when you are using your credit card on the internet. The particular website will use an SSL server that will process the transaction. So as a customer you feel that your credit card information is well protected. Now if have a website that allows people to buy stuff from it; well then you must use the services of an SSL provider to make sure that people can carry out a safe transaction. Now the market is literally strewn with such service providers well the truth is that not all of them provide the best of services. You have really exercised a lot of caution while you hire a service provider. Now it is not true that an expensive service provider will always provide you with quality services; there are certain cheap SSL providers that provide reliable services too so you can go for them.
A digital certificate, also known as a SSL Server Certificate, enable Secure Socket Layer encryption on the web server. Secure Socket Layer encryption protects communications so you can take credit card orders securely and ensure that hackers cannot eavesdrop on you. Any eCommerce company will require you to have SSL before you can use their services.
You'll need to place your content inside the directory called "secure" in your home directory. This directory is a symbolic link to the secure web exchange domain. Any CGI programs should be placed inside the "secure-cgi-bin" directory.
Once we receive the certificate, your secure site will be set up. Secure content will be placed in the "secure" directory located in your site's home directory. CGI scripts are to be placed in the "secure-CGI-bin" directory.

Now let us look at the factors that we should consider before hiring the services of Cheap SSL providers

  • You must check to see that all of the information that is collected by the website is stored in some secured part. The server must be capable of storing information like social security information, credit card number, addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Now when you use the services of Cheap SSL providers; it will instill a bit of confidence in your customers. So they will feel that your website is quite safe to deal with.
  • Operating an SSL is quite easy; the service provider will help you configure it if you want.
  • Now if you want to create a completely new directory; you can take the help of a file manager and the whole process is quite simple.
  • You must make sure that the SSL server redirects the visitors on your website to a more secure page.
  • Now each service provider may have their servers configured in a different way
  • The service provider will also have a tutorial option n case users face difficulties.
  • Now you must remember that you have to buy an SSL certificate to use an SSL Server
  • You can also look for service providers that give the certificate for free when you are registering your domain.
  • The certificates are found at various prices depending on the service provider
  • You should spend a little time doing some amount of research on the various offers put out by Cheap SSL providers
  • If you have a website that has a lot of information that is private then you should go in for Cheap SSL providers and the certificate provided by them as it is worth the money
  • If you have a website that a lot of people visit to buy things then you must make it a point to hire Cheap SSL providers
Follow the points mentioned in the article and you will be able to hire Cheap SSL providers within no time.

Best dedicated server hosting companies available at affordable rates

Dedicated hosting is the order of the day when it comes to web hosting. There are many hosting companies that offer dedicated hosting service to small as well as large organizations. Many organizations require huge disk space in the servers. They also require a large bandwidth regarding connectivity. In those cases, these companies take the help of web hosting companies to settle any kind of matter.
Dedicated web hosting is very popular among the business organizations. Websites can be hosted at a low price with the help of dedicated hosting service. There are packages available in which many additional services such as additional applications and additional software are provided to the customers. The customers are also satisfied by getting the additional service.
Dedicated server hosting is provided by the best web hosting companies and these services are excellent in quality. These companies work with servers that are high on speed and connectivity. If the customers get excellent performance in regard to the servers then they will be satisfied and in turn the company will also be benefitted as they will attract more and more customers due to their good work. Dedicated hosting is done very cautiously with great carefulness so that the users do not face any problem later on.
Dedicated hosting service is provided by the web hosting companies keeping in mind the satisfaction of the customers. If a company provides good service then along with the satisfaction of the customers, the company will also get good reviews with regard to their services. Good reviews in turn will help the company to grow its business worldwide and increase their revenue as well.
Before choosing a dedicated hosting service provider, you should always choose the right company to get the best services. Choosing the right company is very important as you can end up in a loop of untrustworthy people. Your money will also be wasted. Thus, you should choose those dedicated server hosting companies that offer you excellent services in a reasonable price. Customer support is very important for all the users.
You should also keep in mind the quality of the support team while choosing a web hosting company. The support team should support the customers in any situation that they face. In reputed web hosting companies, there are good professionals available who explain the situation to a customer and make them understand the importance so that they too cooperate with the support team. The dedicated hosting service provider should always help the users in a friendly manner.
The best dedicated server hosting companies have the option so that customers can call them via phone and resolve issues if they need them resolved instantly. There are many web hosting companies that offer live chat as well. if you are online and need any help form the service providers, then you can chat with the experts in that instant and get issues resolved. Dedicated server hosting companies also see to it that the customers get the best services along with the best connectivity.

All about Windows web hosting services

Now it is not secret that there are countless service providers in the market and they all claim to provide the best services. You should not fall prey such claim; instead you should hire the services of a windows web hosting service provider. These service providers are suitable for big and small businesses. These service providers can provide high level of security to the users. This article is written for the sole purpose of educating you on the benefits of a window hosting service provider.
Let us now take a look at the benefits that are associated with a dedicated windows server.
The dedicated windows server has an option called GPMC that lets the administrator to manage the policies for more than one website or domains. The user interface for this is very easy to use for anyone. A dedicated windows server will permit the user to convert a file sever into a server for collaboration. The windows hosting service provider will permit you to make websites within a very short time. You can also share information very easily and even the progress of the various teams. You can also place many websites in your organization.
The various dedicated windows server service providers are rapidly gaining popularity because of the user friendly services. The 2003 windows server is available with UDI and Discovery. This allows the users to create a flexible infrastructure.  If your company has a limited budget then these dedicated windows server is just the thing you should be using. To locate a cheap service provider you can use the internet to locate such a service provider. These dedicated windows server hosting provides you with a very secure and open infrastructure. These servers are able to cut down the TCO by using server consolidation.

Now before you go out and look for service providers; you must exercise certain amount of caution. You should make a list of certain service providers and then compare the prices and the service provided. You should also try to go down to the office and meet a representative. Before you sign any documents you must make sure that you are not paying any hidden charges. As mentioned there are countless service providers that claim to provide fantastic services for low prices you should not fall for it. You should try to go for reputed service provider so that you can be assured that you are getting the best possible services. It would be good if you take suggestions from your friends or from professional acquaintances about the service provider that you should select.
Hiring the best dedicated windows server service provider means that you may have to pay some extra price but the services you will be getting will be worth every penny that you pay. Do research on the reputation of the service provider; select a service provider that has been operating for a long time. Follow the guidelines in this write up and you will have no problem in utilizing the services of a dedicated windows server service provider without facing any problems are obstacles.

Keep your data secure with dedicated web hosting service

Now a day, it has become very easy to manage data with dedicated web hosting service. There are many web hosting service providers present in the market which provide dedicated hosting to various customers all around the world. Some of the best dedicated hosting companies provide you with various offers that are not only cheap but very effective as well. Dedicated web hosting has become the order of the day now a day so that users store data and other important information in the servers safely.
Some of the web hosting companies provides shared hosting to the customers as well. In the shared hosting, the web hosting companies offer customers and companies with a space in the server to store data and other related information. The space is shared by many other companies as well. In contrast to this kind of hosting, dedicated web hosting gives you the privacy to store all your important data and information. The main difference is that in dedicated hosting, you are the only person to have access to the space provided to you.
The two basic components of dedicated hosting are Linux and windows. The operating systems are very important in building a web hosting site. Linux is open source software so that the professionals have the option to edit the code and make the software better and more interesting. That is why Linux web hosting for dedicated web hosting is more popular. With the Linux operating system, you can get many choices related to applications and software. Choosing Linux based dedicated web hosting service is also affordable and a wise decision as well.
Windows hosting is also done by many of the web hosting companies. Though windows are not open source software, it is still user friendly. The professionals cannot change the codes and edit according to their own needs. But windows are a very user friendly operating system in which many of the customers find it easy to work with. Dedicated windows hosting service providers are also available in the market. These web hosting companies offer you great deals in terms of additional applications and other required software.
With windows hosting, one is able to use various kinds of programming languages to improve the look and feel of the website. Some of the companies offer you various packages in dedicated windows hosting which are really beneficial to your company. Different packages of additional software and applications are available for small and large business organizations.
Some of the small business organizations choose shared hosting due to constraint in the budget, while other large business organizations are comfortable with dedicated web hosting. The best dedicated hosting companies provide excellent service to the customers without giving a chance to the customers to complain. As a result, they get a good rating in this competitive market where other web hosting companies are also trying to impress the customers. These dedicated web hosting service providers get good reviews in many online articles as well as in various magazines so that they become trustworthy and reputed gradually.

Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting

Before deliberating about the topic “Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting” we should have brief idea for both the terms i.e. Dedicating Hosting and Shared Hosting.
Dedicating Hosting:
When an entire server is hired by the client and is not shared by the anyone else than this type of internet hosting is termed as a Dedicated Hosting.Due to the feature of high performance, security, email stability, and control Dedicated Hosting  proves constructive.  As because of  relative high price of Dedicated Hosting, it is typically used by websites that receive a large volume of traffic. The Dedicated Exchange Hosting delivers a strong messaging platform for email and collaboration based on the industry leading Microsoft Exchange software.For superior companies with several employees and users, a modified Dedicated Exchange Hosting may fulfill the business requirements and beat our anticipations.
Shared hosting:
A web hosting  where many websites vest on one web server connected to the Internet is called Shared Hosting.Although Shared Hosting is an inexpensive way for companies to create a web presence, it is commonly not adequate for Websites with high traffic. Shared Web Hosting can also be done privately by sharing the cost of running a server in a colocation centre and this is called Cooperative Hosting.Grid-Service is the Best Shared Hosting for small business. BlueHost is awarded as the Best Shared Hosting for its industry reputation, unyielding technology, fast, trustworthy & cost effective shared hosting Service and the alert technical support.
After having a brief  idea about the Dedicating Hosting and Shared Hosting, we will come to our main theme i.e. “Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting”.
Many customers consider the fact that dedicated servers are the best.Despite of the fact that  dedicated servers are the best shared hosting is preferrred.Following are the Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting:
•    Bandwidth and Space:
As small websites do not required the amount of bandwidth or space available on dedicated server hosting and thus would be fulfilled with shared hosting.
•    Cost:
Shared server is used instead of a dedicated one due to the cost savings. A shared servers is going to cost less because there is more than one website using the space on the server. Although the server is shared, it is still going to offer all the features that are looked-for by a business. Shared Hosting provide tremendous performance at a very equitable price.
•    Technical knowledge:
Shared hosting plans do not entail a great deal of technical knowledge. In truth, many plans even include templates and website builders to help those who do not already have a website designed. This is a benefit for whom who wants to build a website but does not have much knowledge or experience in such a field.
•    Simplicity:
One more benefit of Share Hosting is the simplicity of setting up and maintaining a website on a shared host. Since shared web hosting is the utmost elementary form of managed hosting,it most of all provide easy-to-use graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) with point and click functionality. Tools such as control panels (cPanels) and website builders provide these easy-to-use options. Moreover, those that don’t possess the technical know-how to maintain a server will benefit significantly from shared hosting.
•    Customer support:
The bulk of shared hosting providers also deals with unique customer support, meanwhile customer support is one of the keystones of a fruitful shared hosting company.
•    Shared hosting is a remarkable choice for personal websites, small businesses, and medium businesses.
Thus, Dedicated Hosting is typically used by websites that receive a large volume of traffic this is due to the reason Shared Hosting is preferred as it comprises the working area which belongs to small scale of applications.Although,the above written points describes the  Best Reasons To Move From Dedicated To Shared Hosting but the preference is made on behalf of user’s need and working scope.

HostingNavi Offers WP Engine Coupon

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Hosting is a website which host coupon codes so that people can purchase different web hosting service packages, software and solution at discount prices from few web hosting companies such as Go Daddy, iPage, HostGator. According to the website Hosting, it is witnessing a huge increase in the incoming traffic from the time it has added these coupon codes. These coupon codes are downloaded by a number of bloggers and Word Press site owners, as different type of coupons are offer by the website for individuals and businesses. For the businesses, a promo code is used to purchase an enterprise level hosting plan, which include features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and enhanced security level. For individuals, WP Engine Promo Code is used to buy a personal plan that includes features of sufficiently large data storage and data transfer. Each coupon code has its own features, specialty, cost and guarantees on blog or WP website hosting.
Word Press Conversion, a service available at an affordable price is used to convert the websites which are outdated and complicated to edit and manage for the users to simplified dynamic Word Press sites. This service is recently introduced by the Net Hosting, a rising leader in Cloud Hosting, Virtual Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting solutions. This service allows the users to edit the contents of the website without paying any extra cost to the middlemen and without any burden and thus gaining important traction among the owners of the website with small to medium-sized sites of three to five static pages.
As Word press is a free content management system, thus it provide different and invaluable SEO (Search engine optimization) benefits to their customers. It has the ability by which it can manage their content in an effective and efficient way, thus conversion to a dynamic Word Press platform is highly recommended for the long-term success of their online efforts. It also allows the owners of the website to easily customize the look and functionality of their websites by providing them accessibility to a vast range of plugins and themes. If any customers want their websites look to be the same in future, i.e. do not need any kind of changes, then for them Word Press Conversion- one-to-one conversion is always there, which provide the facility to them to keep everything in the same manner as it was earlier shown while drastically improving their experience.
Net Hosting has been providing their custom hosting solutions from last fifteen years. It offers their services to all the organizations of every size, whether it is a small size, medium size or large size organization. The products offer by the company includes a broad range of cloud hosting and storage options as well as dedicated, managed, and virtual hosting services. Every service comes with a 100% uptime guarantee and also having the personal support of a dedicated expert who is housed within a state-of-the-art PCI certified data center.

web hosting companies or companies on the web will increase

If the current trend will continue then there are chances that in 2014 no. of web hosting companies or companies on the web will increase, whether the companies are small or large, they will all going to enjoy the benefits of being present on the web. But with this one more thing need to be consider, the new challenges which hosting providers will go to face and that will need them to adapt.
Netcraft has done an estimation by which it is known that in the last year 2013, the no. of websites are around 630 million and this no. rose to 861 million websites as of Jan, 2014. On the basis of this estimation and figures, it is possible that the no. of websites will increase in the next few months also.
As the no. of websites are increasing, it shows that the no. of companies will also increase who will be searching for those web hosting providers which are safe and secure, reliable, cost effective and up to date with the latest technology.
If the no. of sites is increasing, so with the problems or challenges face by hosting companies that will require them to adapt. This will include re-inventing and overhauling their processes in order to better serve the increased customer base.
There is various challenges face by the hosting companies, but among them the three major ones in the current year 2014 are as follow:
1. Legal issues- One of the major challenges faced by the providers are legal issues. Vendors allow their users to host content, text, images, audios and videos on their servers as web pages but they always does not monitor or check every file that’s being uploaded. The laws governing the ever-evolving Internet are still being refined, but in most of the cases it is seen that the web hosting providers will be responsible for the content available on the site. It is predicted that in 2014, various issues related to protection of data on the site and lawsuits resulting from defamatory content will continue.
There are various kinds of damages which could arise due to the legal issues such as it affect the credibility of the company, major loss of customers and sometimes even shutdown of the company or web hosting provider if the complicated issues cannot be easily resolved.
2. Rise of Cloud hosting-Web hosting companies offered shared, dedicated and VPS hosting plans. These services are the mainstay for many hosting companies, but things started to change as cloud hosting gained momentum, with its robust technology and scalability advantages.
There are various Cloud computing companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bluehost, HostGator, and iPage
which are successful in generating impressive user bases. In the hosting space, the emerging trend is Enterprise class cloud solutions from the likes of Verizon Terremark.
For many websites, shared or dedicated web hosting is enough but cloud hosting is the wave of the future. In 2014, cloud hosting providers will give tough competition to the traditional web hosting companies. It is also estimated that around 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have already shifted to cloud hosting.
Analysts predicted that as cloud hosting technology becomes more widespread, and then it will trickle down to other medium- to large-scale businesses.
3. Customer Support- All the companies wants to succeed and wanted to go ahead of their competitors and for this they offer good web hosting packages and a loyal customer base. But with this they also need to maintain their customer service in a satisfactory manner, so if customers face any kind of problem, then they will get good service in proper time and in a very cost-effective way. If the customer services are not satisfactory, then companies will face problems.
Today Live Chat and ticketing systems are preferred but still one-third of clients still prefer calling, and they don't like being kept on hold for long periods. Thus improvement in this direction is required and can also be prove as positive for hosting companies.
At the end, all the companies need to innovate themselves and improve themselves in a continuous way in order to stay afloat in this ever-changing hosting space.

When people want to avail the services of the web hosting

When people want to avail the services of the web hosting, then they look for the web hosting providers, but as there are so many web hosting providers so it becomes difficult for the people to find out the best one as per their needs. To resolve this problem, the reviews of providers are available on review websites which helps the people to read and compare them and to choose the best one. But there is again one problem and this is related to the no. of review websites, as user has to decide the best review website also which provide correct and reliable reviews of the providers.
Thus, iReviewThem, the premier online reviewer of products, services, and people has announce as the best source of Blog web hosting reviews.  This announcement has been made for the next month i.e. for Feb., 2014.
 is selected as the best source of blog web hosting reviews because it is unique in a way as it is having the maximum information or categories present. There are other review websites also meant for this purpose but they are not having the amount of information in such quantity as  has. is the leader in providing accurate, and trustworthy, reviews of products, services, and companies. It also offers reviews of businesses in every area and now, more than ever, more and more businesses are turning to cloud based web hosting services.
There are so many review websites available and among all of them  is selected as the best source of blog web hosting reviews because it is unique in a way as it is having the maximum information or categories present.
 , one of the best web hosting review sites, announced the winners for Best VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting rankings for February, 2014 and the winner is Inmotion web hosting for the next month i.e. for Feb, 2014 among all the web hosting providers. This award has been given for all the months so this for Feb, 2014 this award is occupy by the Inmotion web hosting.
The award has been given to the company or it is selected among the all because it was found to be the most popular and trusted name in the world of web hosting. The company offers the wide range of web hosting plans suitable for both small and large enterprises. In these plans they offer various features to their clients or customers such as reliability, high reputation, high level of performance, qualitative services, good level of customer service and various other technical features and all at the competitive prices which are required by their clients to avail the services of web hosting. Reviews of the company given on the review websites also clear the position of the company. With this feedback of the customers of the company is also consider to choose the best web hosting provider, as this is one of the most reliable source of feedback.
Inmotion web hosting provider was selected due to the following reasons:
The company offers variety of VPS (Virtual private server) hosting plans suitable for both large and small businesses.
It offers professional, high speed VPS (Virtual private server) hosting.
Inmotion web hosting offers better performance, reliability, security, customer service, services of good quality and various other technical features to their clients or customers at an affordable price as compared to popular VPS (Virtual private server)  hosting providers such as -HostGator, Bluehost, & DreamHost.
The company also offers fully managed VPS (Virtual private server) servers with control panel cPanel and backups on regular or daily basis.
The company’s features, services and packages offer very good performance for Word Press, Drupal, & Joomla.
One of the most important thing requird by every provider is that they are able to fulfil their objective i.e. customer satisfaction and inmotion hosting is successful in this aspect as it is very user friendly and helpful and also offer their customer services via live chat, phone and e-mail.

we can be make a hosting company

If we are a web designer that needs more features or more control in the web hosting we resell to our clients? Don't yet need a dedicated server? Then a private label virtual server is our solution. With a private label virtual server we can set our own prices to control our profits, and earn unlimited income.
There are a lot of companies on the internet where we can register for a hosting reseller account. But do our homework well, otherwise we might regret it later on.
Some research is necessary before we register with any hosting company. Check for how long they are in business and if they are reliable. We do not want our customers to join today and leave tomorrow.
To run our own reseller hosting company is like running a normal website.This is very easy to Believe that not much experience is required.
We are responsible for billing our customers, we ultimately determine the profit margin and manage all our customers accounts through one main control panel.
We are responsible for marketing, sales, billing and support activity for our customers. We retain the ownership of our customers. The hosting company has no contact with our customers.

dedicated server host or reseller host

Dedicated server or reseller account? That is the question. Most people who are ready to start a web hosting business very much concerned about this question?
There are however different benefits for each type.
We should choose a reseller account if we are a new business owner who does not know how to manage a dedicated server.
Managing a dedicated server can be time consuming if we are not proficient at server management. With a reseller account a team of experts manages the server that our web sites are hosted on.
A reseller account is also a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. Usually a reseller account is a good place to initiate because we can upgrade to a dedicated server at any time.
Another benefit of a reseller hosting account is that we have no software or hardware maintenance costs. In house managed solutions require the purchase of hardware , maintenance contracts, and software.
Using Private Label Virtual Servers, we don't have to purchase hardware or software, regardless of the number of customers we have.
We buy wholesale and sell retail, thereby sureing our monthly profit margin. No unpredictable costs like professional fees or hardware costs.
When our business gets successful, there won't be any additional data center, network, hardware, or software costs.
A virtual private server can run its own full fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. This usually gives us root-level access to the hosting companies machine.
One more thing.Which we can consider that we are free to use this article on our website provided that it stays unchanged and the links in the resourcebox is live, search-engine friendly links.

Basics of hosting

Once our business has decided to develop a Web site, we’ll need to understand everything from basic industry terms to additional features. Before we decide to host our website its important to get our domain,so first thing is to get knowledge about hosting?
Once we've figured out what our Domain Name is going to be, the next step is to figure out how to make it available on the Internet. All sites on the Internet are hosted on Web servers of one way or another.
The hosting is generically used to describe a variety of services necessary to support a web site. If we connect a couple of computers together at home, or at work, then share printers and even disk drives - we've got a little network set up.
If we connect millions of computers around the world together and we've got the Internet.This is the way through which we can spread our business in a very
easy manner.
To make the connection we usually dial into an Internet Service Provider or ISP who gives us the ability to connect to the web, email, and use other parts of the internet as well.
The ISP's not only give their customers a way to connect their home computers to the internet, they also permits websites on their computers which are called servers. By creating a website and putting it on a server connected to the rest of the net, anyone in the world who is also connected to the net can see our site.
The most general way, a web site requires hardware, software, a connection to the Internet and an administrator.
Relay or connection. Better providers will provide redundant connections.
Hosting services can be divided into four different parts, with each providing a different set of administrative, hardware, software, and connectivity services.
Our choice will depend upon our business requirements and our technical capability. Generally, as the level of service increases, the costs increase. The four categories are:
* Shared
* Co-location
* Dedicated
* In house
The main types of the hostings are:
Shared Hosting environment put multiple web sites on one server. All of the web sites on the shared server use the same network connection, the same hardware resources, and the same software. we are only responsible for managing the design and content of the Web site.
We rent our own dedicated server from a hosting provider. The hosting provider is responsible for buying hardware, installing software and maintaining the server. we may customize the server with remote server access and would be responsible for managing any applications.
With collocated Web hosting, the Web host provides our company with space to store our own server hardware and a high-speed connection to the Internet for that server. Server collocation is generally best for companies that have the in-house capability to manage a Web server.
We set up a server on our own premises. We buy the connectivity, hardware and software, and configure and maintain the system. We need to hire a system administrator or an information technology team.

E-commmerce hosting

The importance of E-commerce for the small business. We have knowledge-based solutions created to take away the intimidation and confusion that can come with establishing an online store.
E-commerce applications which are easy to use, secure, provides performance and reliability we would expect our online store to have.
E-commerce hosting is all about how do we transform our website from a mere static brochure into a full-featured E-commerce website with advanced shopping cart capabilities.
Host Popularity offers a wide range of E-commerce hosting solutions with integrated shopping cart and payment processing support to save our time & money.
An E-Commerce Hosting plan should include some basic features which are mentioned below :
* Hosted on Private Secured Server.
* Powerful WebAdmin Control Panel.
Some other features of hosting plan are:
# Advanced GuestBook.
# Bulletin Board
# Content Management System
# Shopping Cart
# Search Engine Submissions.
# Extensive Online Documentation.
# Detailed Web Usage Statistics
# 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
# 24/7 Support.
Mainly the e-commerce hosting works as if a customer is surfing the Internet for products and services. He, she comes across our website. To make this website visible on the internet we need to host it with a hosting company.
As the customer adds services and products that they wish to purchase, they are placed in a shopping cart. Once they have finished shopping on our website they will "Log Out".
The company now fill out the credit card information on a secure page (SSL) on our website to pay for their purchases. Once the credit card information fields are completely filled out, the customer will click "Submit".
The customer's information is then transmitted to a Credit Card Transaction Provider for authorization. The order is then either declined or accepted. This process takes about some seconds. If the transaction is approved, the information is then transmitted to a merchant account There it will stay for about one to three days.
The money that is in our merchant account will then be placed into our business account.

Real-time credit card processing

Real time credit card processing is the process in which a credit card transaction is processed as it happens. In an e-commerce environment, this is often accomplished by using a third party "transaction portal" like E-xact, InternetSecure or Cybercash.

E-commerce support

We support e-commerce by supplying the platform architecture to enable e-commerce websites. We provide ecBuilder, a website e-commerce utility. ecBuilder partners with InternetSecure and E-xact to provide third-party credit card transaction processing. Note also that our servers have the E-xact Perl library installed to support E-xact's configuration software.

web hosting on linux

Linux Web Hosting allows business corporations to design their web sites on the Linux Operating System, which is an open-source variation of the Unix Operating System. Using this hosting for web development allows companies to control over the best and most popular in open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML etc.
Most of the Linux depended web hosting also includes control tools which allow easy management of sites via the web based technology.Linux is inclusively an operating system which operates on a wide variety of hardware.
Linux Web Hosting also offers tools like the Gateway Defender anti-spam and anti-virus service to help us to remove electronic message threats and avoid their possible damaging effects.It can protect our website.
The shared Linux web hosting is the best deal of users who are searching for reasonable hosting options for smaller sites. With shared hosting the resources of our server such as CPU, memory, hard disk, network capacity are shared with other sites.
RedHat Linux is the web hosting that influences web sites with the characters of consistent and dynamic platform. The most appropriate and reliable web site hosting packages are Linux based. The features included with these packages are multitasking, virtual memory,multi-user capacity tools and so on.

using sub domains on old hosting

Once we have a website up and running, we may want to launch other websites. The other way to do it is to register new domain names and open new hosting accounts. So, opening new hosting accounts can be expensive,so how can we avoid this?
It is possible to share the web space and bandwidth of our original account among different sites.
we can basically do so through:
* Add-On Domains
* Parked Domains, and
* Sub-Domains
An add-on domain is a new domain name that points to a subdirectory within our existing domain hosting account, where the website for the new domain will reside.
Add-on domains must be registered domain names that we own, and that are configured to point to our web host's servers.
From a web user perspective, an add-on domain functions just like any other domain.
if we already have a hosting account under MAIN-DOMAIN.COM - a private hosting service, we can register and set up an add-on domain , so that when our visitors go for "" in their browser, they will be transfered to the new site.
The advantage of add-on domains is that the browser's address bar will show "" ), so the process will be totally transparent to our users.
Apart from sharing web space and bandwidth with our main domain, add-on domains also get their own cgi-bin and statistics.
Many web hosts offers to set up add on domains for free. This is only fair, since we are not getting any more web space or bandwidth. Others, however, will charge us a modest one time fee, which is not bad, especially when the cost of registering the new domain is included.
some web hosts will charge us a monthly fee for each add on domain we set up. In some cases, that fee can be very close to the monthly cost of our web hosting account,to the point that it is better to just open a new hosting account for the new domain.
If we plan to set up add-on domains in the future, we're better off avoiding making new domain is a kind of account.

How To Finalize a Web Hosting Company?

How To Finalizing a Web Hosting Company for your web portal

Finalizing a web hosting company for your web portal feels like a pretty difficult task with so many service providers promising to offer you the moon and freebies that might lure you in the wrong direction. A web portal is the most crucial thing for your business and opting for a work web hosting company can ruin your image beyond repair. A right decision in this direction will always mark your business as an upscale one as the potential customer has everything in line and clearly portrayed to see in the site. Amidst the plentitude of options available in the web hosting services these days, the consumer choice has been made easy as one can narrow down a few options with the help of genuine reviews available on the interweb and look for the side by side comparisons that state the overall score of a domain hosting service provider to take the entire comparison into account. Comparison between the price, web space and key factors also falls into account while choosing the paramount amongst the best web hosting service in the lot.
To begin with the all the top ten ranking companies like InMotion, iPage, Hostgator, all offers features like 24x 7 technical support via email or phone or 99.9% uptime guarantee and PHP 5 and My SQL5 database support. Also on board come the features like multiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts, unrestricted FTP access with multiple FTP accounts, website stats, viruses and spam protection along with CGI, Perl, SSL support and cherry on the cake is the 30 days money back guarantee. So, the question arises how to opt for the best amongst the most excellent domain hosting providers available.
There is no definite method of doing so but a series of tests through which you can rank the best service providers in the internet town, now the parameters are needed to drawn and an account has been created with the services to test them meticulously and mark them on the services they promise to offer in terms of richness, reliability, speed, technical support and other crucial features that every web hosting company promises from the excellent lot but how many of them actually brings excellence on plate is revealed only through a thorough check.
Best services when you talk about money hails from the web hosting company called iPage, has now in account more than 1 million websites. The service package is as low as $1.99/month and also Google AdWords, Yahoo and Facebook Ads credits and easy installing blog scripts, eCommerce platforms, or picture galleries offers. This domain hosting service comes with free Yellow pages listing which enhances your site visibility instantly. The SSL and advanced e-mail and FTP security plus features added to the overall package make it a cherry on the pie package. The money back guarantee is 30 days and there is vDeck control panel and e-mail boxes and MySQL database setup, domain name manipulation, web mail, access logs, a file manager comes as standard. Blog platforms like CMS, online shops, forums, photo galleries, social networking plug-in are all available and the technical support system is extremely responsive with all your queries.
Hostgator, one of the best support system available today was first launched in the year 2002 is now on one of the best ranking web host service provider, the cost is minimal with $3.96/month for a three-year package and the comes with 45 days money back guarantee. Reliability is super with the average response time going among 0,247 is the best. The control panel provided by Hostgator is cPanel and the regular updates are done to avoid potential vulnerabilities. To train a new user to control the system is very easy and shortcuts are grouped, you can virtually do anything that you want and PHP, Perl and Ruby libraries offer additional functionality. The response from the support system team is superb with answers to the question raised replied quickly and professionally.
Both iPage and Hostgator comes across as extremely good options, iPage wins the deal with the pricing and the SEO features which are not provided at such basic pricing and the offer in line speaks of better visibility with search engines as soon as the site is launched definitely wins the brownie points and bags the best web hosting service in the world.

Midphase and Bestwebhostingplanners

Midphase was launched in 1998, a subsidiary of the UK2 group offer different web hosting services to its large no. of customers globally. Midphase has started its new website using design features which are very responsive, to the needs of the customers. On this website, customers may find the information, which makes them understand that what the requirements to become successful online are. Their main goal behind this is to make web hosting easy for the people. This new website is created in such a way that it can handle mobile and desktop viewing, adapting according to the size of the users screen, by which their web hosting needs may be met from any device. The company has also defined their brand with new logo which includes thematic and creative styles. Midphase also provide updates on products with new line up to the dedicated servers , new range of servers, may deliver services in just 15 minutes and are more suitable for those businesses owners, who require maximum power and uptime. As, Midphase is a very old company, so you can rely on its web hosting services and on its new website also.
Bestwebhostingplanners .com is a website, which provide you with reliable reviews of the web hosting providers such as iPage, Fatcow and many more, to judge the best one among all, so as to choose them for hiring their web hosting services for our websites, according to the need of the site as well as according to the budget of the company. It is always suggested, don’t go for the web hosting services, which are cheap, instead of it always adopt reliable and affordable web hosting sites. The website contains the review of the experts of the field and detailed reviews also, with actual comments of the clients which may be positive or negative, but that information is very helpful to choose the best one.

Making Domain Booking through Reseller

There are a lot of companies all around the world who are making the domain booking through reseller. There are a lot of resellers in the market presently and who are offering different kind of offers along with their service. However, booking the domains through these resellers often result in some very serious problems. For that reason it is always advisable to take the opinions of the experts as well as do some market research himself. At the same time it’s good to do some research on the domains. Having gone through all these matters one can have the proper domain purchased.
Among the several factors one has to be at first choosy in selecting the proper service provider or reseller for the domains. For that one has to go through the process of domain registration. However, it happens many a times that after the booking the resellers take a good amount of time for going through the process. During this process of domain booking through reseller sometimes it also happens that the domains get snapped by some other parties. If this happens too many times in case of one reseller, then it is better to avoid it.
For these reasons it is always recommendable for the clients to look for the registers directly. There are domain name registries for the maintenance of the registration information of the domains. This service is taken by the clients and for controlling the entire process they choose a registrar. They are the ones who are called the designation registrars. Among them choosing the direct domain registrars is the best option. The direct domain registrars are the ones who make the deals about the purchase of the domains directly and control them through direct channels.
Choosing them to open the domain accounts is the best option. They are the best path to make the use of the domains. They guide the clients through some steps to go through the registration process. Whether it is in the case of choosing the domain names or in the matter of registration, the direct registrars make all kinds of arrangements for the clients. A proper guideline in all these matters leads to the client satisfaction. Moreover any kind of problem can be addressed by these registrars.
There is another issue regarding domain booking through reseller. That is the cost of the domains. There are different domains all over the online market that one can opt for. The domains differ as well as their qualities differ according to the prices. The resellers are a good way to make all these matters settled down. Through the resellers the domains come cheaper as well. It’s better to select the domains keeping in mind all these aspects.
Whether it is the .com or the .org or the .net domain, all these domains can be selected in respect of what the prices are that the resellers are offering. If one can compare the prices of godaddy or the, then one can find that the difference in the price is also there. After comparing the proper comparisons only domain booking through reseller can be done.

Tech IPO in 2014 - Zoopla, Weibo and Just eat

Tech IPO in the past turned out to be very disappointing investment and this is why most people approach them with a lot of caution. This may be why in the past tech investments have not been the way to go.
However, it is very possible for tech IPO to gain investor confidence again. There are 3 major tech IPO of 2014 that are worth taking a look at; the Zoopla IPO, the Weibo IPO and the Just eat IPO. These are the 3 main tech IPO that are going in the right direction regardless of low faith from market commentators.

Major Tech IPO in 2014

Zoopla has been on the FTSE for a while now. Its initial Tech IPO had a healthy start but was a little below the £1bn mark that most people expected; but, at £960.5m is okay. Unlike most of the IPOs of this year, Zoopla has been able to maintain the 230p mark and have not yet fallen below the lower limit of 200p that was set by Zoopla before the listing. Zoopla’s performance on the FTSE has been steady so far which can be a good encouragement for investors. Zoopla has not had too much trouble in turning its stronger user base into revenue; this is in comparison to other tech IPOs and tech ventures. It stood at 26 percent for the six months leading up to March 2014.
Weibo’s IPO had a rocky start after launching its IPO on 17th of April with a share price of between$16 and $24. So far, the company has not dropped below its initial worth but rather has been steadily climbing to gain an opening cost of more than $21 on 2ndJuly. Just Eat IPO share price jumped 9 % on the first day of trading, thanks to the flurry of excitement. After that, this trend was not seen for long as Just Eat stock was seen to drop to below 200p which was way below the previous highs of 280p that were recorded in May. After the drop however, Just Eat stock has steadily grown and is currently at the 253p level and so is worth keeping an eye on.
Investing in tech IPOs can still be a viable option if you look at the trend that these three IPOs of 2014 have exhibited. This is a clear indication that it is possible to invest in technological innovations. For instance, all these tech IPOs have shown that going in for gains early will not necessarily yield results. It is therefore very important to assess a company’s true value before you decide to invest in it.

GoDaddy - Tech IPO

GoDaddy has made its appearance after company raised more than expected initial public offering $460 million. In New York company's shares raised 31 % to $26.15 and sold 23 million shares at $20 each. Although, market value of company is more than $3 billion. Private-Equity firms KKR & Co., Silver Lake Management and Technology Crossover Ventures has invested $859 million in equity purchase. Last year Company's sales jumped 23% to $1.30 billion last year, therefore net loss was $143 million.

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