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Web Hosting Review ioxhost

Ioxhost established in 2009, have been providing reliable and low cost web hosting solution to customers around the world. They strive to offer most customers friendly and the best hosting solution out there. All members of staff have multiple years of experience within the hosting industry and are always learning new ways to serve customers needs and expectations.
Back in 2009 finding a low cost web host with supreme support was hard to come by. That`s when IoxHost was founded. Main goals were to provide a reliable hosting solutions, fast knowledgeable support whilst remaining at a competitively low price. IoxHost caters to individuals and small/medium businesses. With a wide range of services available to choose from to suit customer needs. With the majority of support tickets answered within 20 minutes, you can be rest assured your issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently. All of reseller and shared plans come with a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee
Read IoxHost Review and complete Analysis
Datacentre is additionally connected to the iomart Group, UK-wide network through dedicated dark fibre chains providing the hosting floors with access to over 80GBit/s of premium connectivity to the internet. The configuration of the network allows for a simple upgrade path to add to this capacity as and when clients demand it. The network has multiple, dedicated 10GBit/s port connections with external connectivity providers including TATA Communications, Tiscali, Telecom Italia, Interoute and the London Internet Exchange (LINX) providing, at current levels, over 60 GBit/s of external connectivity in addition to over 200 peering points.

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Dedicated is better than shared.

Hosting our websites on our own dedicated server may seem a little expensive in comparison to shared web hosting, but the end result is more advantageous. So is dedicated is better than a shared server?
If we concerned about the shared hosting this is very much beneficial than dedicated in contrast to if we have a lot of business modes but if we have a single business then this is more efficient.
Shared web hosting is well managed, but cannot be 100% reliable and stable. However, if we have our own dedicated server we can manage to avoid most of the variables affecting the reliability and stability of a server.
The dedicated server is totally is the user concentric means it is based on user control means if the user needs they can install software as well as regarding tools to his need or for software support.
By the very nature of the account, a dedicated server: reduces our dependency on the web host, and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. With dedicated server hosting, we can provide instant support to our own clients whenever required, which is not possible if we are on a shared server.
A reliable and fast support service is best for our own business growth just like the stability and reliability we wish for our own website. In business, reliability is very much important.
For people with clients, such as Graphic Designers and Web Designers a dedicated server is not a good deal. A dedicated server will catch extra income into the studio, not just as a hosting facility.
If we have 24hour access to our own dedicated server then we can adjust, correct or update a clients website in minutes, allowing us to keep the money back in our studio and not for someone else.
The availability results in reduced labor costs for the client, but higher studio-income frequency for the designer. Hence we will see the return of all our regular offline clients, bringing their web work with them.
The requirement for a dedicated server to our average shared server user is realized. Now quickly people left our site because it was taking too much time to download, or how many daily visitors we are down by, because our site was not up.
The true thing is the worry of how many lost visitors could have been our future paying customers. The loss could be easily equal to the value of the upgrade to a Dedicated Server.
For a business, a website that is quickly downloadable and up all the time gives the visitor boost up that our service is just as reliable, hence we will be more likely to make a sale. It will also enhance the company’s image and boost existing customers to refer our service to others.

Reducing the hosting cost

Choosing the right host is an important aspect in lowering our web hosting costs. So this is important that how can we reduce the hosting cost?
The web hosting industry, boasting several thousand web hosts, is still young and growing at a remarkable pace, hence finding the right host is not only difficult, but very much time consuming,fortunately though it is worth the time and effort.
How much web space our web site needs and compensating for a bit extra, for growth. For example, if our web site needs 200 MB of disk space, look for the plan which offers at least 250 to 300 MB of web space, this will prevent a large unexpected bill at the end of the month when high priced costs, charged by most web hosts for extra disk space usage, are added on to our bill.
How much bandwidth our web site uses. We should be ensure we get more bandwidth than our site uses. For example, if our website uses 8GB bandwidth per month, then choose a plan, which offers at least 8 or 10GB bandwidth per month.
So preventing the cost for reaching high,or to higher extra costs. As a reference, an average web site should pay no more than some dollars per GB for bandwidth usage.
Very much concerned if host have “block buying” facilities for purchasing projected extra disk space or bandwidth. But, careful, if our web site needs only 2 GB extra bandwidth, we may have to buy an extra package in blocks of 5GB bandwidth, in this case, look for the host which will allow us to purchase extra disk space and bandwidth allowance as per our needs, this is crucial to cost savings.
We should be ensure that we know the over-usage allowance rules, we need to know what happens if our web site uses more disk space or bandwidth than we have been allocated.
If we have more than one web site, sign up an account with a web host who provides multiple domains hosted on one account, this will work out a lot cheaper than an account per website.
A good thing would be to ask our friends and colleagues if they want to host their websites with us on one account.
We should be ensure that all the applications our web site uses , are supported within the chosen account type. If there are any extra fees for particular applications or associated database support.
Emails are the lifeblood of our online business. Ensure that we get a sufficient number of email addresses with our own domain name these are necessary for other email features like forwarders, and auto responders, etc.
Many web hosts offer large discounts on yearly or half yearly payments in advance, this may appear a good way to go, but note how long we are locked in. If possible avoid long term contracts until we are sure about the services and reliability offered by that particular host.
Paying to host on a monthly basis obviously has its benefits. If there are concerns with our service encouraging we to seek a new host elsewhere, we may lose out on many months of hosting fees when breaking a yearly or half yearly contract.

managed hosting

A new trend, appearing in the Web Hosting industry, is the concept of Managed Web Hosting. Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be difficult to operate technically, there has been a demand for web hosts to provide extra services like: reporting and monitoring, managed load balancing.So how can we go for managed hosting?
Before go for a managed server this is important to think about some views:
we will first need to decide whether or not we need a dedicated server. we will need a dedicated server if we have a high traffic web site.
If we only have a small web site with low traffic levels then a shared hosting arrangement should be fine.Then there is no need to go for managed hosting.
A dedicated server is more expensive to rent and more difficult to operate than a shared hosting solution but if our business depends on a steady service then we should surely consider renting a dedicated server.
The only disadvantage with dedicated web hosting is that we will have to do a lot of the server administration ourself, and to do this we will need to possess some technical skills
The demand for managed hosting. If we choose this category of needing a dedicated server but we need our host to provide system administration services such as security, firewalls, monitoring and reporting services, and data backup then most likely we will need managed hosting.
Many web hosts who once provided only shared and dedicated web hosting are now beginning to offer managed services also. A good place to start looking for managed hosting is through web hosting directories and search engines, by doing a search for managed hosting we should receive a good list of managed hosting providers.
A another key place to start searching for hosting is by contacting hosts who are offering dedicated hosting and ask them if they can provide a managed hosting arrangement as well.
Companies providing managed hosting will either offer managed hosting per item or in a pre-configured plan. Per-item managed hosting gives us the freedom to pick and choose what services we need or do not need, on the other hand, a pre-configured plan will include the dedicated server and the managed hosting services at a monthly fee.
When choosing a managed hosting provider it is a good idea that our host provides the following qualities:
a good way to find out the response rate and the quality of the services offered by a web host is to send them an email before we sign up with them. If we receive a good response from our web host then this should give us a good indication of the services they are offering.
Its important to have as much freedom as possible and having the ability to choose from a broad range of services is essential. With managed hosting we might decide that we don’t require firewall support, its important that our web host will provide us with the option of selecting exactly what we need and what we don’t need.
The ability to pay monthly is a huge advantage. It will be less of on our budget and we can avoid any expensive yearly contracts.
We should find out exactly what sort of connection the web host has to the Internet. By asking the web host we should be able to send us their network and connectivity details, we might even be able to find this out on their web site.
When searching for a managed hosting provider it is important to do our research. Each web host will be offering different managed hosting services all at different rates, we might find that one web host may offer one attractive managed hosting service while another doesn’t.
Managed hosting is ideal for the new online businesses person, looking to build a large online business, and wanting to avoid the extra time and resources spent in house on managing their dedicated servers.

Is windows is better than linux hosting?

Even if we run a version of Windows on our personal computer, does not mean we need to host our web site on Windows platform.does it require windows hosting or other kind of operating hosting?
The operating system we use to create our site has no effect on the web hosting platform we choose to host our site. Even we can host a website created using Microsoft Frontpage on a linux server as frontpage extensions are supported by linux.
The Linux platform is widely named as highly reliable, and a more popular choice among professional and advanced users. Linux has a good track record of performance, stability and security.
It has been in a state of constant filtering since its inception , and is based on open standards, allowing easy access to operating system features and applications.At the same time vary much secure.
Linux is by default, text-based and does not use a graphical user interface (GUI), which matters alot because it can dedicate the full power of the server to our web site.
The main advantages of the linux is the:
# Most web creation tutorials and documentation refer to this platform
# Extremely stable, reliable, functional, and dynamic
# Easy to upgrade and enhanceable
# Access to freeware
Some more benefits of the linux is:
# Scripting languages such as Perl and PHP
# Supports mySQL, postgre databases
# Supports MS FrontPage extensions
# Most economical solution
Windows is the operating system of choice because many new users with a reputation for ease of use and administration. Windows allows those with little or no experience in the fields of web development and hosting to get advanced features working quickly.This has a very much user friendly enviorment.
At the same time Windows supports tools and software such as Microsoft's FrontPage, Active Server Pages, Visual Interdev, Access Database, MS SQL 2000, VBScript and MS Internet Studio.
We can create a powerful customized site which includes dynamic content and database integration. The Windows environment also offers dynamically and a user friendly graphical user interface.Which is so much important as the user's view.

effectiveness of host directory

I am looking for a proper host and I hope the directories of the hosts can be better for me .
web hosting directories are a web hosting marketplace where all hosts list their products, plans, prices and other important information so that according to their requirements, customers can choose a suitable plan.
Basically web-hosting directories are of two types: paid WHDs and free WHDs. For paid directories, either web hosts pay a set amount for placing their banners on the site, or they pay commission if they get customers via that medium.
Free WHDs like Ask Web Hosting - Web Hosting Directory and Website Hosting - Personal or Business Web Hosting - Host Byte Marketplace etc. web hosts list their services without paying any fees.
The paid WHDs are very easy to manipulate as the ranking of web hosts can be changed in unfair ways.
The WHDs that are actually free reflect the true ranking of web hosts companies. Whatever the case may be, paid or free, people should believe the web hosts rankings only if they are based completely on votes of customers who have actually given their remarks and have left their website address as well.
This is not possible for any web hosting company to have complete positive reviews. It is also observed that at times customers who are satisfied with their web host forget to express their opinion about that host.
A biased customer who is not satisfied with their web host does not forget to mention their opinion of that web host. This applies that a negative review doesn't always reflect the true story of a web host company.
web hosting directories are very useful if the newbie wants to compare prices and features of different companies. But, when it comes to choosing a web host they should make an intelligent choice by referring to other resource sites as well.

hosting self's site

If I disgusted or disappointed with my current web host? Have I switched web hosting companies too many times? Now I decided to host my site my self,can I go for it?
You can be ready to host your own sites. This way of hosting is better than be reliable for any body for the self's site as well as for better business.
When being our own web host we should be technically inclined and have basic knowledge of operating systems, understand technical terms, understanding how to setup a server environment have basic knowledge of scripting languages and databases.
We should realize the pros & cons. It is one thing to remember that if we want to host our own web server and it is another thing to actually do it.
Mainly this process of hosting site is consist of following steps:
Own sense of responsibility
Awareness level raised
No monthly hosting fees/accounts
Incompetence no longer exist
More pros are:
Non-shared environment
Unlimited websites, databases, content, storage, etc.
More bandwidth
No more waiting on someone else time
Complete control
At the same time if we consider the cons then it can be:
Exhausting at times
Faced with server/hardware problems
ISP business account
More about these cons are
If server goes down then the website is offline
No technical support team
Software, hardware, and network expenses
Apart of these pros & cons there is also lot of pros & cons but these are much better. Managing a web server starts as a full time job,we must constantly monitor its performance and security.
This can be a hard task, especially if we currently have other responsibilities. Though, the control we will have over our website and its performance is rewarding enough.

Backend hosting business

For setup, a hosting business from a behind the scenes look at what we need to consider before jumping ship such as billing, support, accounting and more?
The trick of the business that make things run behind the scenes. When we consider a backend as it pertains to web hosting,we can consider the many things in this.
The main story behind the backend is the-
Billing system
-Order processing
-Support system
-Accounting and recordkeeping etc.
As we contemplate our billing system, the first piece of information we should look at is what types of payments are we going to accept. We’ve already outlined this in our business plan.
Will we take Paypal, or will we accept credit cards through our own merchant account, or will we accept checks and money orders by mail?
Accepting payments by mail significantly complicates for our business, so We generally go for not accepting payments by mail, or if we do—only accept annual term payments.
This is a huge timesaver, by automating the billing process we can eliminate the need to bill our customers at all.
If we do wish to send our customers a formal bill, or if we aren’t using automatically recurring payments, there are several software programs that can help automate the process for us.
The ones specifically designed for web hosting that would be suggested are WHMautopilot, Lpanel. Their dozens of other billing programs available, but this is suggested those ones because they also have auto-setup scripts.
A backend can basically be broken down into two options: manual processing, or automated processing. Manual processing is like much self-explanatory.

colocation hosting

Colocating the server gives me the greatest flexibility. I get to choose the hardware configuration of the server and the software that goes on it. But what is this colocation hosting?
The hosting company maintains the connection to the Internet and deals with environmental details such as uninterruptible power supplies, fire controls, and air conditioning.
Companies that offer colocation they're moving away from this service and encouraging their customers to rent a dedicated server. This means renting an entire server from the hosting service, but having the hosting company service and maintain it.
When we opt for dedicated server colocation with the hosting company, we pay for the physical space that our server takes up. Colocation hosting usually requires a higher startup cost than renting a server from a hosting company, according to figures from Digital Nation.
We'll have to purchase a switch or a router, which will cost between $1500 and $2000 at the low end. This would result in an initial outlay of at least more money and it doesn't include the costs of staff time for setup and configuration.
Not all colocation service providers require the same capital outlay, however. Concentric Networks' colocation plan includes connecting to a monitored network, fire suppression, redundant power.
Most companies that offer server colocation service also sell service contracts to maintain the server and its connections. These service contracts will guarantee a certain percentage of uptime per month.
In this way, this colocation is very much expensive than our normal way of the hosting because we have to use a server in this kind of the service.

worthiness of hosting articles

The single largest expense facing hosting companies today is its supports costs. They will see close to 50 percent of their monthly expense go to customer this thing is that is this worth of making hosting articles?
The making of articles is very much important.
Costs are driven up by customer inquiries that often deal with routine and seemingly simple tasks.
In an effort to assist hosting companies in reducing overall customer support costs, pioneered the ultimate customer support and help desk aide the online hosting tutorial.
Flash tutorials, when properly produced, keep the viewer’s attention throughout. Of course, it is also essential to design the tutorials in a concise format. The key is to keep them short, dynamic, informative and easy to follow.
Each Demo tutorial covers one specific task. When our customers want to know how to perform a task, they simply click to play, sit back and actually see how it’s done. Which is a very simple way of executing the task.
Generally, web hosts will place tutorials in their Help Desk or Customer Service areas. One particularly effective method is to include links to the tutorials in the Welcome Email sent out to new customers.
Many web hosts report very fastly drop in support tickets by as much as possible. When we consider that support generally accounts for approximately half of a typical web host’s monthly expenses, that’s a lot of savings.
With a visual aid such as an online tutorial, end users can open a browser window and view the tutorial while performing the tasks in a different window.
With a Demo tutorial, the user can stop, pause, rewind and start at any time. This allows full control, allowing the customer to set the pace in the lesson. Make everything very easy.
The reality is that customers don’t want to read long boring FAQs to learn how to perform a task. If they can’t read it out, they are more than likely going to e-mail or call, driving our overall then support costs higher.
Demo tutorials enable hosting companies to provide their clients with an alternative source of information that is important, informative and easy to follow.
The articles are so effective that sending in a support ticket becomes entirely unnecessary – exactly what hosting providers are expecting for.
Flash tutorials are a very cost-effective way for a web host to significantly reduce support cost and show customers how to get the job done without having to submit a ticket.

ASP web hosting

ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP developed by Microsoft.But how can these hosting accomplish?
A dynamic data-driven web site we may wish to embed ASP code into our web site’s HTML Pages. When a user is watching a web site that is developed using ASP, the pages can change depending on the way of the user.
ASP code allows us to link our web pages to a database, where users can interact with the web page by logging in and using their own personal settings or they can interactively place orders on our web site.
ASP stands for Active Server Pages. Active Server Pages are HTML pages with embedded ASP scripts that are processed on the server before the page is sent to the user.
ASP allows us to create dynamic database driven pages, a user can access data in a database, and interact with page objects such as Active X or Java components.
When we type a URL in the Address Box or click on a web page we are looking the web server to send a file to our computer,if the file is standard HTML, then, when our web browser receives the web page it will look exactly the same as it did on the web server.
if an ASP file is sent to our computer from the web server, firstly, the server will run the HTML code,and then, run the ASP code.

choosing a proper hosting

Web hosting is a difficult and confusing business to get ourself into, but sooner or later just about everybody thinks about starting a Web site for themselves. how can I choose proper one hosting?
Choosing a proper host is the way through which we can achieve our business goals in a very easy manner.
if we are starting up a Web site for our baseball team or for our own corporate business, the thingswe need to look for to succeed are them same for all.
Before selecting a company this is very important that depending on the company,that our support could be anything from great to horrible. Get a good experienced for how quickly we can get to our by sending them a few pre-sales questions.
How in depth are the company with the answers they give us? A good support team will give us enough information so that we know what the answer is and give it to us.
Most Web hosting companies will get us answered within twenty-four hours. If we have to wait longer than that, then it is time to worry.Then we should think about company.
Receiving a broad load of services, promises are not a rare thing in the world of Web hosting. Often we will receive several pre-installed scripts, control panels, and other things that could be helpful to our Web hosting service.
enough bandwidth then we might loose our Web site till the limits are reset the upcoming month.
We also need to make sure we have enough space. If we don't have enough space, then we will not have the option of expanding our Web site or growing it any larger.
It is good to buy a little more than we think we might need in both areas, just to stay on the safe side.
Depending on the Web hosting plan or the Web hosting company the server that our hosted on might be a little more packed than we might think. A responsible Web hosting company will not overstuff the servers they own or collocate.
Most of the time, sharing a server with several different companies is not a bad thing though. However, we do need to ask our Web hosting company about the numbers.
If we are shopping around for Web hosting, we need to ask each company about the client per server ratio. Go with the company that fits our other needs, and has the least amount of clients per Web hosting server.
What type of operating system is our Web hosting company using? Depending if they are using a Linux or Windows based server,we could or could not be able to install some scripts. Not all scripts have versions for both server types. This is a good idea what type of scripts we might need for the server we are on.

Reseller hosting the truth behind name

We've ever toyed with methods of earning profits over the Internet, we've probably know of the concept reseller web hosting.So what is this reseller hosting?
Reselling web hosting can be learned and mastered to make us a premium profit.
There are many places online where we can find web hosting reseller plans. Some of these will go into great detail about the plan, while others will assume that the buyer knows about the plan and will simply offer the service.
It may be necessary in the beginning to have a simple explanation of reseller web hosting means.
The person who resells web host accounts can make their own brand name, offer discount pricing, better features and content, dependent upon what they choose to offer.
At the beginning of reseller trend, it was usually web developers and system integrators that started reseller web hosting. But now, anyone who has good people skills and can provide excellent customer service can do this particular job.
If we're looking for a work that features few start up costs and many benefits, we should consider becoming a reseller of web hosting. A lot of providers help us out by providing us with topnotch business plans.
We'll accept the fact that we don't need to have a ton of technical skills to be successful, and reseller hosting offers much more flexibility than more traditional jobs.
The hosting service we use for our own website usually takes care of the necessary customer service. What we need to worry about is sending and receiving administrative emails, assisting with simple HTML issues that arise on-site.
Another necessary skill is the knowledge and ability to maintain other part of our site if we offer any services that come directly from us and not our web host provider.
Find a web host provider that we trust and will help us in the areas that we need support. Customer satisfaction will help our business grow. If our host company is competent and reliable, our customers will feel that way about us too.
By this way we can choose a appropriate host that can be better for us means a proper reseller host.

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